Decoupling Book as PDF

In 2010 I and Gunnar Karlström of BK Development published a book or rather booklet (36 pages) about decoupling on PCBs. It was based on measurements of decoupling impedance we had done using network analyzers and combined those findings with theory we had derived ourselves as well as decoupling theory from other sources.

The booklet was printed and handed out on a lecture we held in Linköping, Sweden, and the remaining copies were sold. We have now decided to make the PDF freely available for download, so if you are interested, you can download it using the link below. The book is written in Swedish, so lots of it will unfortunately be hard to understand unless you are able to read Swedish. Here is the link:

Avkoppla rätt

Four years after I finished writing the book, I have learned a bit more about decoupling and maybe some of the conclusions in the book would be slightly different if I were to rewrite it. The interesting concept of distributed matched bypassing (DMB) is not treated at all, and it seems like it has potential to in theory at least be a better alternative to the “big-V” decoupling strategy we advocate in the book.

For those of you who are really interested in the subject, I recommend reading the book “Frequency-Domain Characterization of Power Distribution Networks” of Istvan Novak and Jason Miller.

I have also published some more on decoupling parasitic inductance in the following recent blog posts (which are written in English):

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