WordPress gives 403 (forbidden) error for a post with “phpmyadmin” in the title

When I try to access a post with “phpmyadmin” in the title on my WordPress site, I get a 403 (forbidden) error. After digging around for a bit, I realized that the issue was in the permalink and that replacing “phpmyadmin” with “phpmyadm” made the post accessible again.

After some more thinking I figured out that the reason was that I had set up a rule in apache\conf\httpd.conf to deny access to phpmyadmin from most IP-addresses. The rule looks like this:

<Files "*phpmyadmin*">
  order deny,allow
  deny from all
  allow from
  allow from

So, this rule inadvertently triggered on the permalink and denied access to the post.

Maybe someone else stumbles upon this problem and is able to google up this explanation and solution.

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