Adding Arduino libraries manually

I am writing some code for a Teensy (which is a much higher performance alternative to e.g. an Arduino Nano) and found a non-standard library that I would like to use. This post is primarily a short reminder to myself  on how to install an Arduino library manually. There are lengthier and more complete instructions here.

Basically, just put the library code in a suitably (but quite arbitrarily) named folder under Documents\Arduino\libraries, which in my case is C:\Users\Per\Documents\Arduino\libraries.

The folder name should probably not have spaces, but otherwise the name does not seem to matter. The Arduino/Teensyduino environment searches these catalogs for files included with #include <MyLibrary.h>  syntax (less-than, greater-than rather than citation marks around the file name) and automagically compiles other files in the same directory as necessary.

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