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Here you can find descriptions of some of Axotron's former projects.

  • Analog design as a consultant for ÅF in Borlänge
  • Signal processing architecture for a radar
  • Mentometer
  • Evaluation board for a high-speed ASIC
  • Portable demo equipment for synthetic micro muscles
  • Line driver for the electronic punching system Emit
  • Null-modem branch cable with power regulator for a bluetooth adapter.

As an employee at Enea, Kreatel, Motorola and SP Devices I have also contributed the major part of the electronics competence during the devlopment of the following product/projects:

  • Control and signal processing electronics for an air borne low-frequency radar.
  • Several generations of broad band set-top-boxes.
  • FPGA based software defined radio platforms.
  • AD-converter boards (data acquisition boards) with extremely high performance, like 16-bits 260 MSPS, 14-bits 1600 MSPS, 12-bits 4000 MSPS and 8-bits 8000 MSPS.

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